The Carpenter's House, P.C.
Mobile, Alabama

"Blending Faith and Psychotherapy 

for Life Growth and Enrichment 

since 1980"

The Carpenter's House, P.C.

Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling

The Carpenter's House is a Counseling Center helping people rebuilding lives and repairing relationships.

Our Mission

The Carpenter’s House is a private, Christian counseling center dedicated to providing individual, marriage and family therapy in a caring environment.  Our approach to therapy recognizes the importance of the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual dimensions of life.  Our goal is to encourage individuals to develop their faith and self-understanding as well as their communications and decision-making skills to build more meaningful lives.

Counseling is a joint effort of clients and counselors to help define solutions to difficult life problems.  Counseling can help relieve psychological and emotional pain and suffering, teach new coping skills and increase a person’s understanding of how they can better deal with life’s problems in the future.

Since 1980, the staff of The Carpenter’s House has helped thousands of people from a variety of backgrounds, life styles, and beliefs to make positive changes in their lives.


The Carpenter's House

605 Bel Air Blvd.

Suite 33

Mobile, AL 36606

(251) 476-9994